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Gintama Episode 153

Both Sket Dance and Gintama are gag series about people trying to help each other. Both have a protagonist who seems like a good-for-nothing but really cares about his friends, and both sometimes stop the hilarious comedy for a serious or really sad episode. Oh, and both ran in Shonen Jump, so both have the common themes of "friendship, hard work, and victory".

Gintama Episode 153

what I like about this episode: the reactions of Gintoki and Hijikata to the ghost, also how the other characters pick on them because of their fear of the ghost,at all to my opinion a really funny episode.

What I like about this episode its probably the voice covers they are doing for some of the scenes in the recap mainly the dub of Takasugi by Prince Hata(a character with a relatively annoying voice).

This episode starts with Hijikata and Okita being on a stake out and when Gintoki shows up and Okita handcuffing Hijikata and Gintoki, we watch how Hijikata still tries to finish the stake out successfully and arresting the culprits while being handcuffed with Gintoki.

DISCLAIMER: You are obviously here to watch my reaction/listen to my review and have already seen the original episodes on legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll, Hulu or VRV.

Gintama is an anime show that brings out the laughter and joy in me after binge-watching 10 to 20 episodes. And whenever I have the opportunity, I pick a story arc or several episodes to rewatch so my loneliness can be cured. ?

Then, Gintoki and Kagura participated in a virtual-reality game. But by the end of the episode, they ended up punching the spectators (the otakus who have been lining for days to purchase the OwEe consoles). The poor otakus!

Several popular franchises were also used for parodies in this episode: Death Note, D. Gray Man, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and Dragon Ball). (All anime series had their titles changed, of course, for copyright protection.) ?

Sure. The episode went on the comedic route when Captain Sogo, Vice Chief Hijikata, and Sarutobi Ayame made their appearances one by one. But the laughter slowly diminishes as I realized the essence of this episode:

The best and funniest episode of Gintama for me is the Timeskip Arc! I cannot explain to you how much endorphins and dopamine chemicals were released in my body while this arc was unfolding! ? I even found my heart furiously racing faster in episode 203 than while I wa watching episode 202. 041b061a72

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