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A similar situation is found in Atayal. As shown in the table in (23), Atayal displays an accusative-dative pronoun that is either suppletive or formally more complex than the nominative, and a possessive that is suppletive. Only in the second person singular and the first person plural inclusive, the possessive is identical to the nominative. However, the nominative and possessive pronouns are clitics, whereas the accusative-dative pronoun is a free pronoun comparable to a full DP (Rau 1992: 126). Besides that, the possessive clitic is often accompanied by a special possessive marker (Rau 1992: 143), and therefore often not syncretic with the nominative clitic. These facts lead us to the conclusion that the apparent *ABA-pattern in Atayal is only apparent and that Atayal is no longer a counterexample to the hypothesis in (5).

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This analysis also influences the analysis of several other languages, since Atayal and Chamorro are not the only languages with bound possessives. In our sample, there are eleven other languages that have bound possessives as well, and four languages show both free and bound possessives. Excluding the bound possessives from these languages, the results described in Section 4 would not change, since in these languages the (bound) possessive is either morphologically related to the genitive (or accusative) pronoun or suppletive.

To summarize, in Sections 4 and 5 we have shown how virtually all languages in our sample follow the predictions in (11) and the structure in (5). If we only include free pronouns in the analysis, Chamorro and Atayal are no longer counterexamples to (5). By taking into account the full pronominal system of Kobon, it was shown that this language in fact does follow the structure in (5), so the found *ABA-pattern turned out to be only apparent. Dyirbal can also be shown to fit the hypothesis under a specific (zero affix) analysis. We summarized our results in the table in (25): 350c69d7ab

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