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After America

In 2007, four years after the "Wave" killed most of North America's population, former Seattle City Council member James Kipper is now the President of the United States. The U.S. federal government and the U.S. capital have been relocated to Seattle, and it is later revealed that roughly 15 to 20 million Americans survived the Wave and are now back in the United States. Jed Culver is now Kipper's Chief of Staff and is also a close friend. After a meeting with foreign dignitaries in Seattle, Kipper and Culver head to New York City, where salvage crews are working to clear the streets of debris, the Wave having made its victims disappear, so crew-less vehicles and aircraft crashed as a result. Due to the lack of people to maintain New York City as well as cities all over the contiguous United States, fires burned unchecked and New York City is now flooded in some areas. The U.S. military has also had to step in alongside the New York Militia to fight droves of pirates, looters, terrorists and organized gangs who have moved into the U.S. East Coast from South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

After America

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Julianne Balwyn and Rhino Ross are part of one of those salvage crews. While clearing streets of crashed autos, Rhino and Jules meet Kipper as he tours the salvage efforts. Kipper is suspicious of Jules, who does not seem enthused to see Kipper, whereas Rhino is excited and eager to talk. Kipper leaves them to tour more of the city and hears gunfire in the distance. Texas is now a federal mandate; since everyone there was killed, the farmland is given to immigrants for them to work in order to become naturalized U.S. citizens. Miguel Pieraro and his family own one such farm. Jackson Blackstone, the disgraced army general who was forced into retirement by Kipper after the Wave, is now the elected governor of Texas and has a xenophobic dislike of the new immigrants. As a result, he has "road agents" that go around harassing farmers. Pieraro and his daughter Sofia are out herding cattle when road agents go to his home and rape and murder his female relatives and torture and execute the males. Pieraro and Sofia kill some stragglers and bury their family; Miguel decides to leave Texas for Kansas City, which is the largest intact city in the U.S. Midwest and is therefore the industrial and governmental heart of the United States, aside from Seattle.

Caitlin Monroe and Bret Melton are now married and living in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, where they run a farm together. Monroe is still in Echelon, but is not a field agent anymore; she only reports as an adviser. She and her husband have an infant daughter named Monique, after the French activist Caitlin befriended in the aftermath of the Wave, and who died at the hands of rogue French DGSE agents working for al-Banna, the terrorist Caitlin was tracking.

In New York City, Kipper is meeting with the press at Castle Clinton when the area is hit with Katyusha rockets from Muslim fighters on Ellis Island. The U.S. Secret Service herd Kipper into protection while U.S. Army Rangers head to Ellis Island to clear it out; among them is Staff Sergeant Fryderyk Milosz, the former Polish GROM operator that met Bret Melton in Kuwait in the aftermath of the Wave. Milosz has come to the U.S. and joined the army there to become a citizen since his homeland fell apart in the aftermath. He is with Master Sergeant Wilson and two other Rangers in a Blackhawk helicopter flying to Ellis Island; they cannot get close because the enemy fire; one of their neighboring Blackhawks is shot down after an Apache launches a barrage at the teams that hit Castle Clinton.

Milosz, Wilson and their team fast rope into Ellis Island and clear it out, where they capture some of the fighters. Milosz sees U.S. Navy SEALs, Sandline mercenaries, and teams from the National Intelligence Agency, which replaced the CIA after the Wave, taking away the prisoners.

Jules and Rhino reveal that they are in New York City only to pursue paperwork at an apartment in Lower Manhattan that belongs to the "Client", someone in Seattle who is after oil deposits off the Californian coast; the paperwork would indicate his pre-Wave ownership over the oil fields and therefore give him government backing to drill again. Rhino and Jules are waiting for the right time to leave so they can get the papers and get paid.

Kipper refuses evacuation because some of his military and Secret Service staff are wounded; in Texas, Pieraro and Sofia vow vengeance against the road agents; and in England, Bret Melton and Monique are ambushed by assassins, which Caitlin kills, save for one named Richardson. Caitlin travels to London with Dalby, an agent with Echelon, who tells her they are going to interrogate Richardson and find out why they were trying to kill Caitlin and her family. In New York, Jules and Rhino escape their hotel after it is attacked by a mass of irregular fighters; Kipper learns that they cannot evacuate to JFK Airport because the U.S. Air Force Security Forces there are in the middle of a pitched battle with irregulars, and Sandline, Special Forces and troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division are trying to clear the airport.

Milosz, Wilson, Gardener and Veal engage pirates in a ferocious firefight, during which Veal is killed by a grenade blast. They run into Jules and Rhino, who save them from being overrun after killing many of the pirates and forcing them to retreat. Master Sergeant Wilson initially wants them to turn in their weapons because they are fleeing their place of work, but Milosz is open to helping them when Jules offers them a piece of the share once they get paid by the Client. Even though Wilson is upset, Milosz calls in a Blackhawk, which flies the Rangers and Jules and Rhino to a staging area outside of Central Park.

Yusuf is given command of his own team by the Emir for his services, and is tasked with infiltrating past Union Square to push the Americans back. In Kansas City, Kipper comes to a decision and orders Culver to mobilize the bombers for a fire bombing run on New York City, which would break the will of the fighters and kill a large number of them. In Berlin, Caitlin locates Fabia Shah, al-Banna's mother. Germany has become a Muslim enclave since the Wave, and certain areas of Germany, including Berlin, allow Sharia Law; the German government does not interfere with Muslim affairs, and is open to their way of life even after the UK forcibly deported its entire Muslim population and France did the same after its intifada. Caitlin meets Sayad al-Mirsaad, Bret's al-Jazeera friend, and al-Mirsaad helps her get to Fabia's apartment. She interrogates her and discovers that al-Banna is in New York City, and that he is 'the Emir'. She is ambushed by Fabia's bodyguards, but kills many of them before Dalby rescues her.

Kipper receives another brief from Franks, who requests more troops; Kipper authorizes the redeployment of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade to New York City, along with elements of the 101st Airborne Division; the 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, and elements of Sandline and SOCOM are already on the ground slugging it out with the irregulars. The 3rd MEB has to leave MCRD San Diego, which has become the headquarters and main garrison for the U.S. Marine Corps after the Wave.

In Texas, Pieraro and the Mormons settle in an abandoned house and talk about what they were doing when the Wave hit; Roberto Morales, Pieraro's old ranch hand and a nemesis during the Wave, is now a dictator in charge of the new South American Federation, which was formed from all the countries of Central and South America after the Wave. While Blackstone hassles immigrants with his road agents, Morales is a constant threat to Blackstone, which keeps him from alienating the federal government too much.

In New York City, Jules and Rhino are ambushed by Mexican drug cartel shooters who work for Henry Cesky, the construction magnate who is close with the Kipper Administration; Jules had kicked Cesky off the Aussie Rules in Acapulco, Mexico after the Wave. As revenge, Cesky posed as the "Client" and duped them into grabbing the papers, which are located in the same building as the Emir's headquarters. Shortly before they are overrun, Caitlin liberates the Emir's harem (which is full of American women) and then kills Cesky's men and saves Jules and Rhino. The three of them infiltrate the Emir's building, where Jules finds papers implicating al-Banna and Cesky working together.

Milosz, Wilson and Gardener are caught in an ambush by irregulars led by Yusuf; in order to break the ambush, Milosz uses steel buckets and Claymores to form a shaped charge, which explodes and kills everyone, including Yusuf. Lieutenant Cleaver from the 82nd Airborne Division arrives and asks Milosz to verify the identity of Jules and Rhino, because they have papers that S-2 needs to forward to the NIA; against Wilson's will, Milosz verifies them and the 82nd Airborne Division sends a Blackhawk to pick up the two salvagers, because B-52 bombers from the 2nd Bomb Wing are on their way to fire bomb the Emir's compound at Rockefeller Center. Soon after, the two Rangers and the Air Force CCT are sent to use laser designators to mark Rockefeller Center.

America is not named after Vespucci. America is derived from the word Al Morocco which is another form of the word Morocco which means the Extreme West. This is proven as fact because still today America is literally called the western world because of it. If your not a copper skinned person found here by the early European settlers your not American.

America was probably called after Richard Amerike Sherriff of Bristol England. He funded the 1497 voyage of Cabot.Vespucci was widely known to be a liar and a cheat. He upstaged Columbus and got his name adopted as the discoverer of the new world on the 1507 map.

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who set forth the then revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent. A map created in 1507 by Martin Waldseemüller was the first to depict this new continent with the name "America," a Latinized version of "Amerigo." 041b061a72

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