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Vladimir Trofimov
Vladimir Trofimov

[S1E2] Messy As Fuck

However, its funny, messy, vocal clique of women, who are here brought together through the circumstance of their children, have the kind of humour that could be drawn from all sorts of real-life experiences, not those merely exclusive to parents.

[S1E2] Messy as Fuck

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As for the macro, I'm definitely onboard with where Scream the Series is headed. I'm an unabashed sucker for slasher whodunits, so I'm a bit biased in that regard, but as an appropriated film-to-TV entertainment, the show f*cking hums so far. Time flies, which is a good sign for an eminently watchable show. Who knows if and how the quality will be sustained, as it seems the one-kill-a-week formula will inevitable whittle down the actual killers in a mere few weeks. But remember, SCREAM is all about the dual-killer convention, so assuming credible accomplices becomes half the fun. So do the suspenseful setups and jarring kill-taunts. Jake and Will, as mentioned, seem likely, but almost too much so. Perhaps it's Kieran and his copper pops Clark doing dastardly deeds? Maybe it's someone we haven't met yet, though far less likely. Whoever turns out to be exacting the baleful butchery, it should be a bloody good time of messy guesswork every step of the way. I'm in! 041b061a72

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